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Health, Lifestyle & Relationships Courses

Taking Charge of Your Health
Taking Charge
of Your Health

Taking Charge of Your Life
Taking Charge
of Your Life

Relationships & Parenting
Relationships (1-8)
& Parenting (9-14

Bible Study Courses

Discover Course

Try Jesus Course
Try Jesus

Light of the World
Light of the World

Not Online

Bible Studies - Children, Teens & Youth


Let's Begin - Kids 6 - 9 Years
Let's Begin


Let's Explore - Teens 9 - 14 Years
Let's Explore


Ten Questions for God - Young Adult Course
Ten Questions
for God


Bible & Archaeology Courses


Digging Up the Past - Course 1 of 3
1.Digging Up the Past 


Digging Deeper - Course 2 of 3
2. Digging Deeper


Digging Up the Future - Course 3 of 3
3. Digging Up the Future

Not Online

Future Events - Prophecy -
New Children's Courses 

Focus on Prophecy - Daniel and Revelation Course
Focus on Prophecy

My Place with Jesus
My Place with Jesus

KidZone Lesson 1

The Adventist Discovery Centre currently offers courses in 5 categories covering Lifestyle, Health, Relationships, Archaeology & Biblical studies.  You may choose to study any of these 13 Courses in 2 different ways.

    There are currently 9 free Internet based Courses: Healthy Living, Taking Charge of Your Life, Relationships & Parenting, Let's Explore, Try Jesus, Focus on Prophecy,  Discover, Ten Questions for God, & Digging Up the Past. Some others are still awaiting web development - like Digging Deeper, Light Of the World and Digging Up the Future. Online courses are accessible to anyone living anywhere at the moment, but this may be subject to change.

    We have 13 free Correspondence Courses (see icons & menus above) available which are posted out in instalments, with a Review Sheet inserted in each reading Guide. When the completed Review Sheet is returned to the Discovery Centre an Instructor marks it and sends out the next reading Guides. Once the Course has been completed the student receives a Certificate of Recognition. All our English language courses are on offer below. However, there are 8 other Bible Correspondence courses available in other languages, see FAQ: Languages.
  • NOTE: FREE Correspondence courses are limited to Australian & New Zealand residents only, due to higher international freight costs, but can still be purchased at this site. To order the Lesson Guides, click on the Resources - Buy Courses menu for options and pricing.  

From "IT IS WRITTEN" Extracted 2008-Aug-28  http://www.itiswritten.com/

Bibleinfo.com provides answers to more than 360 of life's common questions. By visiting Bibleinfo.com you can explore and discover a weath of Biblical knowledge from the comforts of home or office. English not your native tongue? Chances are that Bibleinfo.com is available in a language you do speak. After all, it is currently in available in 19 languages!